Signature Experiences

Vino therapy

Santé proudly offers our trademark Vinotherapy as part of our signature treatments. Organic Red Grape skin, pulp, seeds and extracts are used for their effective free radical fighting and hydrating properties and are combined with a unique blend of essential oils that enhance and compliment the treatments.

  • Restoration – 2 hrs R2 700
  • Ultimate Journey – 4,5 hrs R4 500

Hydrotherapy Body Draining Journey

Therapeutic treatments to stimulate the lymph system, kidneys and liver to flush out toxins and wastes from the body – 150 mins R2 200

Hydrotherapy Detox Cure

A powerful detoxifying, healing and energising treatment that consists of multiple steps – 120 mins R2 000

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Revitalize, nourish and bring about a new radiance


Cleanse, purify and improve circulation.

Healthy Ageing

Nourish and renew the skin & body.


Calm the mind and body and achieve a profound sense of rest and relaxation