Wellness Packages

Our comprehensive, holistic Wellness Program have been designed exclusively for our residential guests who visit Santé with a particular goal or purpose in mind.

All of our programs draw from and expertly combine the relevant offerings from our world-class Day Spa, high tech & cutting edge Health Optimizing Clinic, Bio-Energy Centre and Fitness Centre.  Combined with optimal nutrition, expert lifestyle and nutritional advice these programs are highly effective and can achieve optimal results.

Our programs extend from 3 day short introductory programs to 14 day comprehensive programs. Programs include:

– Destress & Rejuvenate

The perfect remedy for recovering your wellbeing and improving vitality. Utilising high tech assessments and treatments we can identify and address the underlying causes of adrenal burnout. Escape, relax, restore vitality, nourish the body and renew and reactivate your mind.

– Detox

Cleanse, purify and improve the functioning of your body. Eliminate toxins, stimulate key organs and rediscover your body’s ideal balance. Our non invasive treatments achieve this effortlessly and effectively.

– Healthy Aging

Designed to have you both looking and feeling better our carefully chosen non invasive therapies and treatments, combined with exquisite honestly healthy cuisine will effectively enable your body to function on a more optimal level with long lasting effects.

– Ideal Weight / Healthy Eating

Eliminate toxins, discover and rebalance your emotional triggers and wellbeing. Our comprehensive non invasive Health Optimizing assessment, performed by a medical practitioner will find out, at a cellular level, what is out of balance or not functioning correctly, and most importantly why. Our unique voice analysis combined with Neuro-Biofeedback technology detects emotional triggers. With expert nutritional advice and a personalized eating plan, we will support and enable you to make key lifestyle changes to enable your journey to achieving your ideal weight

– Boost Your Immune System

Our Boost your Immune System program has been specifically created to ensure that your body is functioning optimally and can fight off disease naturally.  Utilising the non invasive high tech technologies for assessment and treatment available in our Health Optimizing Clinic and Bio Energy Center, this program will improve the functioning of your body and stimulate your self healing mechanisms.