Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive, holistic Wellness Programs have been designed exclusively for our residential guests who visit Santé with a particular goal or purpose in mind.

All of our programs draw from and expertly combine the relevant offerings from our world-class Day Spa, high tech & cutting edge Health Optimizing Clinic, Bio-Energy Centre and Fitness Centre.  Combined with optimal nutrition, expert lifestyle and nutritional advice these programs are highly effective and can achieve optimal results.

Our programs extend from 3 day short introductory programs to 14 day comprehensive programs. Programs include:

– Destress & Rejuvenate

Escape, relax, restore vitality, nourish the body & renew & reactivate your mind! Identify and address the causes of adrenal burnout and recover your wellbeing.

– Detox

Cleanse, purify & improve the functioning of your body. Eliminate toxins, stimulate key organs & rediscover your body’s ideal balance. Increase energy and vitality.

– Longevity

Create the base to live a long and healthier life! Live and thrive on an optimal level with non-invasive assessments and treatments, combined with exquisite honestly healthy cuisine, guaranteed to leave you looking and feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.

– Ideal Weight & Healthy Eating

A powerful kick start to longer and permanent weight loss. Expertly selected and combined treatments, nutrition, fitness sessions, nutritional
advice and personalised eating plans to support and enable you to make key lifestyle changes.

– Emotional Balance

Restore a sense of happiness, calm and clarity of thought. Be supported while you learn how to identify and deal with your life stressors.

– Ultimate Fitness Boost

Sculpt your body with increased muscle tone, strength and flexibility.  Boost your fitness while you learn new habits and skill to help you maintain peak physical conditioning after your stay.  Combined with optimal nutrition and daily Spa and Bio Energy treatments.