Health Optimizing

Discover cutting-edge, technology-based, non-invasive holistic healing at the Sante Health Optimizing Royal Retreat the first in the world!

From Hi-tech medical technologies, some being the first ever available in Africa, to technologies within the emerging fields of Quantum and Energy Medicine – all originated and directed by Health Tech Sciences in Norway.

We can assist you to:

  • Achieve optimum health
  • Enhance longevity
  • Correct imbalances

More than 50% of people will develop some form of degenerative disease or chronic lifestyle-illness in one form or another.

Understanding where imbalances are at the cellular, tissue and organ level is crucial when dysfunction exists. Lifestyle factors are often contributing factors and Health Optimizing includes lifestyle coaching specific to each client. The Health Optimizing model utilises the latest non-invasive and most effective technologies from all over the world for assessment and treatment, applied by specially trained doctors and therapists.

Health Optimizing at Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa introduces an advanced methodology of assessment and therapy. A comprehensive health assessment maps the client’s health and identifies the causative factors of any health challenges. A combination of advanced technologies is then applied to stimulate the intrinsic self-regulating and healing mechanisms of the client’s own body, thereby solving the root cause of health issues.

Implementation of the individualized protocol is carried out in the Santé Health Optimizing clinic utilising Gold Standard Technology and complementary treatments. This is enhanced by the soothing and powerful impact of massage and touch at the Santé Day Spa and the comprehensive array of supportive therapies in the Bio-Energy Centre.